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Beauty Tips
As this is the health corner and I am going to start a topic here to read some tips from your side here. I am getting married at the last of this year. I am going a bit dull in these days and keen to get tips from all of your sides here. Which kinds of beauty and health tips do you like to give me here to have a beautiful look on my special day?
Drink less alcohol
Stop shampooing every day
Beauty Sleep
Exfoliate your skin
Stop picking at pimples
Embrace a fuller brow

these are some health and beauty tips which I think you should keep in your mind these days.
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Farran, I will like to appreciate your sharing as it is really useful for me. I have noted all of these beauty a health tops. I would like to act upon them to have a beautiful look on the biggest day of my life. By the way, which drink should I take on daily basis to have a healthy and glowing skin? DO you have any idea about that?
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